Overseas Dealers


Product development at Red Rhino Crushers is entirely aimed at providing the construction industry with an unrivalled range of mobile crushing equipment that are principally used on or within building and construction sites throughout the world.

Our constant and focused dedication to detail creates compact crushers that harmonise both weight and functionality with design. This ensures that Red Rhino’s compact crushers gain instant respect wherever they are used.
We have listened to our customers and we believe that the crushers we manufacture are well made, affordable and more importantly will not let you down when it comes to crushing.
All our crushers are manufactured using our own in-house fabrication techniques using the finest quality British steel.
Our crushers truly have Rhino build quality when it comes to the strength of our machines.

Red Rhino are actively looking for new dealers around the world. We dont just want someone who can sell our products, we want our dealers to provide life long product support to their customers.

If you see the potential in the crushers like we do maybe you should consider becoming a Red Rhino dealer. This industry is  set to grow be a part of the Red Rhino crusher family.

To become a Red Rhino distributor or find support within your country please email